A light day and YET...

Day 11 – Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We woke up from a night of poor sleep. Though we had both passed out quickly, our rest was disrupted by thoughts of large cockroaches (that, and the plastic beneath the sheets I had slept on was loud and uncomfortable). Allison woke up feeling sick. Her throat was sore, and she felt feverish and dizzy. We attributed it to her body rebelling from a week and a half of travel, adjustment, and sleeping in other people’s beds. I showered and worked on the website and blog while we waited for Dori to arrive. When she did, we immediately went to grab some Pho (pronounced FUH) at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Lilly’s Café. It was a light day. Dori was tired from travel and opted for a nap while we headed to the NFL – YET Boys and Girls Club to teach some oral health.


It was a relatively small group, but it ranged in ages. The oldest kids were around fourteen years old while the youngest were around seven. I lead the session since Allison wasn’t feeling one hundred percent. It was clear from the beginning this was going to be a tougher audience. Though this particular BGC has a “healthy habits” program, many of the kids were insistent that healthy habits were not fun and didn’t need to be implemented in their lives. The staff was happy to have us and very interested in what we had to teach. It’s always funny when we first get to Boys and Girls Clubs because they always refer to us as “the people doing the laugh yoga”. At BGCs we do mostly oral health and a little bit of laughter yoga, but no matter how many times we specify the oral health component and annunciate “laughter yoga”, all anyone seems to hear is “laugh yoga”. Each BGC has its own feel and way of operating. We always walk in not knowing what to expect. At this BGC, the naiveté was mutual. They gathered some kids that were otherwise unengaged. We didn’t do our usual routine of teaching a lesson and then singing a song related to the lesson with this group of New Orleans youth. Even the younger ones seemed to have reputations to uphold that prevented them from being excited about songs to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”. Luckily, I found my ability to be firm and commanding of my audience had strengthened. If I hadn’t continued to demand attention and respect, I wouldn’t have received it. We left the session a little more worn out than we had been previously.

After we picked up some water and light groceries, we attempted to plan the rest of our day. Winnie and Matt, friends of mine from high school both now attend Tulane and were planning to meet up with us along with Matt’s girlfriend, Celine. The six of us met up at The Delachaise, a wine bar we had heard good things about. We spilt a few bottles of wine, some entrees, and a killer chocolate soufflé. New Orleans is a hotbed for foodies like us, which is one of the many reasons we adore it so much. Very satisfied, we went back to Celine’s apartment on Magazine where we lounged on her patio under blankets and continued to catch up as old friends do.

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