The Breakdown.

The more money we raise, the more places we can generate healthy smiles!


Based on calculations of 125 days on the road, 18,000 miles of driving,  


Gas ~$1,929

We estimated 28mpg=

643 gallons x $3/gallon 


Oil Changes ~$150

We estimated $25 for every 3,000 miles


Food ~$3,750

We estimated $15/day per person


Lodging ~$3,085

  • $85 for an annual pass to the national parks and forests, allowing us to camp for a significant portion of the trip.

  • We also have many friends and family around the country that have offered to host us.

  • We estimate that roughly 30 days (of 125) we will need to find other accommodations. 

  • We estimate $100/night.



Activities ~$5,000

We estimated about $2,500 per person to account for admissions fees and educational tours.



In order to accomplish

our dream of driving across the United States while generating

healthy smiles, we will simply need to cover

the costs of the basics

(gas, food, and lodging).



We also recognize that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We've researched many amazing cultural and educational opportunities

unique to each state

that we are hoping to experience.